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Kristi Hines

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Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, business blogger, and certified digital marketer who creates website copy, blog content, lead magnets, white papers, ebooks, emails, and more.

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A Review of Buffer App | 6 Reasons To Use Buffer For Twitter

Find out how Buffer App can make your social updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn much simpler to manage....

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How To Design A Twitter Background That Will Get You More Traffic, Followers and Engagement

Learn how to design a Twitter background image that will get you more traffic, followers and engagement....

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Things To Do Before Your Big Guest Post Gets Published

Guest blogging is a great way to drive new visits to y0ur website. But before you get that guest post on a major blog in your industry published, you should make sure you've done these things....

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How To Track Conversions Using Google Analytics Campaigns

Using Google Analytics campaign tracking with UTM parameters, you can find out things like which ad on Facebook, which tweet on Twitter, or which link in your newsletter actually led to a conversion....

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5 Ways To Pay For Twitter Exposure

If you want to boost the visibility for your tweets, here are five ways to make it happen plus the pros and cons of each....

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32 Marketers Weigh In On The Future of Internet Marketing

If you are tired of hearing predictions from the same people then you are in for a treat. We asked some real "in the trenches" online marketers where they see Internet marketing heading in 2013 - here is what they have to say!...

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5 Things Even Klout Haters Can Learn From Klout Scores

Kristi Hines details five pieces of information that can be learned from a Klout score....

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How to Win with New Rules for Facebook Timeline Covers

See how 10 brands are leveraging the new rules for Facebook Timeline cover photos, and get three tools to help you create a cover for your brand....

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How To Prepare For The Next Google Algorithm Update

Prepare your website for the next Google algorithm update using these three tips in this article from The Daily Egg....

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17 Of The Best Conversion Optimization Blogs On The Internet

Enjoy this list of seventeen of the best conversion optimization blogs on the Internet....

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15 Twitter Hashtags for #WebDesign & How Web Designers Can Use Them

Kristi Hines highlights 15 Twitter hash tags for web designers and how they can use them....

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How To Create Infographics | Resources To Get You Started

Ready to create amazing infographics to drive links, social shares, and traffic back to your website? The following are over 20 resources for creating info graphics including tools, designers, crowdsourcing venues, freelancers, and consultants....

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8 Email Marketing Metrics That Matter

Kristi Hines discusses the eight email marketing metrics you should be monitoring in your email marketing software....

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July's Best: Articles on Analytics, Conversion & Copywriting

Here are our favorites reads this month on the topics of analytics, conversion optimization and copywriting. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did....

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October's Best in Conversions, Analytics, and Copywriting

What articles got our attention this month? These 12 cover conversion, analytics & copywriting and are sure to help your marketing this holiday season....